<![CDATA[OXUS JEWELS - Blog]]>Mon, 13 May 2024 08:05:35 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[August 04th, 2022]]>Thu, 04 Aug 2022 03:30:28 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/august-04th-2022From the shiny pages of international fashion magazines to the bustling European catwalks, make no mistake that the humble armlet is back in Vogue and better than ever; complete with a bold update on its 1970's boho cousin.

'No one is worrying about how their arms look; it’s just straight fun. It’s total sartorial freedom. It is only a matter of time before Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, or Zoë Kravitz adorn their upper arms with them.' VOGUE

Designed to be worn as a stunning armlet or statement bracelet, the Oxus 'Obsession' armlet will have you channeling this look perfectly. Set with lustrous hand-cut gems our bicep bracelet is a true original and firmly in a class of its own.
Fully adjustable, wear this coveted piece loosely around your upper arm by gently adjusting to size and twisting over the elbow, can also be worn as a statement bangle.
Available online at www.oxus.com.au only while stocks last.
Picture credit: VOGUE
<![CDATA[COVID Gifting: Why we created the new & affordable OXUS semi-precious range]]>Wed, 28 Jul 2021 05:58:49 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/covid-gifting-why-we-created-the-new-affordable-oxus-semi-precious-rangeIn a time where people are constantly going in and out of lockdown, finding the perfect gift has become a little harder. But it doesn’t have to be impossible!
Of course, every time we go into lockdown, there is an impulse to stop spending and start saving for the rainy days ahead.
We may not be going out as much as we used to, but that doesn’t mean that we become sad, lonely penny-pinchers who stop giving altogether. After all, giving what gives us joy and helps us to feel nurtured and connected during these tough times.
If you’re on a super tight budget, homemade cards and gifts (and baked treats…mmm) are always a winner. But at OXUS, we still think that quality jewellery is one of the best ways to say ‘I love you’…and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
That’s why we’ve crafted the OXUS semi-precious range.
This range is beautiful, covetable and perfect for gifting, with every piece priced between $49 and $199. And the best bit is, it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. So, whether you’re looking for sterling silver crystal studs for your best friend’s birthday present, or an eternity ring for your partner, OXUS has got you COVID-covered.
If you’re currently in lockdown and can’t drop your gift to your special someone personally, you can order through our website and we’ll make sure that it arrives in a gorgeous velvet pouch with a carefully hand-wrapped bow. You can also send a personalised card.
Right now, it’s Leo season, so you might want to check out our fiery ‘Russian Ruby’ 9ct solid gold studs, or the matching necklace. It’ll make your king (or queen) of the jungle, very, very happy. Oh…and while we’re waiting for bars to reopen, we'll be donning OXUS at all of our zoom meetings and at-home dinner dates.

<![CDATA[April 27th, 2021]]>Tue, 27 Apr 2021 10:34:09 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/april-27th-2021Sparkling earrings and necklaces have become our saving grace in the past 12 months, elevating our online meetings and catch-ups from drab and frumpy, to fun and sophisticated. Now, dressing for work and social occasions is all about the décolletage.
Current trends are very much inspired by our time at home, as well as our new way of working and socialising. Television shows have uplifted our spirits and more than ever, there is a desire to reconnect with a simpler past. OXUS designers have always believed in looking to the past for stories and inspiration, reinventing pieces that speak to us on a very personal level.
​Thanks to our obsession with the Netflix series Bridgerton, our love affair with pearls is stronger than ever. But...you won’t find your grandmother’s pearls at OXUS this winter season. Instead, think Baroque pearls, striking detailing and a splash of vibrant colour fit for a queen.
In an era defined by a shift away from cheap, disposable products, semi-precious gems are becoming increasingly popular due to their sparkling beauty, collectability and timelessness. This season, OXUS is focusing on the stunning Tanzanite rings and earrings. This incomparable gem has been chosen by our designers for its high vibrational energy, which is linked to spiritual exploration and psychic power.
As we continue to evolve in this ever-changing world, OXUS is focused on crafting high-quality pieces at affordable pricing. It's time to ditch the sweat pants and have a little fun. Experience the new OXUS collection at www.oxus.com.au.
<![CDATA[Why we developed Oxus couples jewellery ♂]]>Fri, 19 Jul 2019 00:00:02 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/why-we-developed-oxus-couples-jewelleryUnisex fashion was always cool, but did you know that it’s cost-effective, too? It’s no wonder young couples are taking part in the ‘wear and share’ craze, which walks the line between masc and fem, and doubles your accessories drawer.
OXUS celebrates this trend by taking a fresh turn. This season, we’ve got tough-luxe chokers, rings and wrist wraps that look good on absolutely anyone; they’re also a great gift for your partner (as long as they promise not to hog).
This trend is all about experimenting and layering; packing for a couples holiday has never been easier. OXUS ♂ collection, available now at www.oxus.com.au.
<![CDATA[OXUS Features in Belle Magazine Design Section]]>Thu, 11 Apr 2019 06:15:30 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/oxus-features-in-belle-magazine-design-sectionThank you to the incomparable Belle Magazine for featuring the OXUS 'La vie en Rose' cuff in a beautifully curated design spread. Belle loved the soft, rose gold finish of the cuff accented with delicious pink gems.
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<![CDATA[Celebrate your special day with OXUS]]>Tue, 19 Feb 2019 13:00:00 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/celebrate-your-special-day-with-oxus-xThank you to Real Weddings Magazine for this delightful editorial piece...we couldn't have explained OXUS better ourselves.
​'OXUS was created by two sisters, Carolyn Cavanough and Lisa Lamarre, who had been frustrated for many years by their inability to source beautiful, high-fashion modern jewellery pieces. The sisters share a mutual love for contemporary design and striking, functional objects. Their mission is to create for the modern, fashion-forward consumer. Through original ideas, unexpected pairings, stripped-back style and new twists on the classics, OXUS was born. OXUS merges the world of high-end fashion jewellery with striking contemporary design, creating cult statement pieces guaranteed to add couture luxury to your wardrobe.
Unforgettable cuff, earring, armlet and ring designs combine complimentary gemstone colours with 14 karat gold and sterling silver precious metals, are available at oxus.com.au. OXUS, inspired by the cultural styles of Sydney and Montreal, has been designed for the individual who doesn't follow the crowd...instead, opting to lead it.'
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<![CDATA[Oxus Gold Serpent Choker hits rescu.com.au Christmas Wishlist!]]>Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:00:00 GMThttp://oxus.com.au/blog/oxus-gold-serpent-choker-hits-rescucomau-christmas-wishlistWe were thrilled to see that Bahar, the absolutely gorgeous founder and editor of RESCU.COM.AU and author of RescuMe! included our stunning OXUS Gold Serpent Choker in her Christmas wish list. Bahar agrees the piece is an absolute showstopper and an essential accessory item for the new year...we couldn't agree more.
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