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OXUS - Icons of the past re-imagined to the future

Our breathtaking range was inspired by the Oxus Treasure, the name given to a collection of priceless artefacts gathered over the span of the Achaemenid (First Persian) Empire, before its collapse at the hands of Alexander the Great more than 300 years BC.

It is thought that the trove originally consisted of thousands of objects, however less than 200 pieces and some coins were recovered from the banks of the Oxus (Amu Darya) River in the late 19th century. How they ended up there is a mystery, but many of the pieces feature superior workmanship in gold, silver, lapis and precious stones, evoking a richly woven tapestry of long-buried cultures.

All have ultimately been bequeathed to the British Museum. Inspired by its history and mystique, along with the alluring serpent of the same name which forms our logo, OXUS creates a new generation of timeless pieces – forging a desirable collection of contemporary relevance... whilst paying tribute to the artists and craftsmen who forged their paths long before us.