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Jewellery Size Guide



Ring Size

A ring should fit comfortably on the finger; it should be tight enough to prevent it from accidentally falling off. The best and most accurate way to measure a ring size is by visiting a local jeweller.

Jewellers use a set of graduated rings and other specialised tools to determine ring size.

Ring size can also be determined easily at home by measuring the diameter of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. The measured diameter can be compared to the chart below to obtain the corresponding ring size. If you already know your ring size you can convert it to US sizing. (We use US sizing on our Website). You can also use a ring that you already own, measuring the diameter of the inside of the ring and then converting it using the table:


If you are using a ring that you already own, simply place the ring over this chart. The inside of the ring should match the outside of the corresponding circle below.









Necklace Length



Jewellery Care Guide

Your new piece is fully hand crafted by skilled artisans and carefully inspected for quality. Only items that meet our exacting standards are shipped to their new owners. Please be aware that small irregularities and imperfections are simply an unavoidable part of production and contribute to the beauty and allure of an original product.

Please avoid exposing it to any substance that will compromise the integrity of the plating – including, but not limited to polishing agents, personal care products (especially lotions, perfume and hairspray), chemicals, perspiration, and chlorinated or salt water. Treat it gently and store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and separate from other items that may scratch or cause a reaction with the plating. Clean with a soft polishing cloth or with warm soapy water and if necessary, a very soft brush.

Over time, and depending on frequency of usage and treatment, metal plating will gradually wear. This is natural to the manufacturing process and will produce a beautiful patina, however good care will ensure years of enjoyment.

If you have purchased a Serpent Armband, we recommend you manipulate it gently to adjust the diameter and length to suit your arm – twist it up over your elbow and settle it into a comfortable position; the piece should be worn loosely on your upper arm. Please avoid rough treatment or excessive bending and shaping – even though the piece is comprised of a soft base metal to facilitate flexibility, this will eventually cause stress and cracking to the overlying plating… and permanent damage to your armband.

Earring posts are high quality Stainless Steel or 925 silver and should be inserted gently into the pearl backer – never forced.

Thank you for your new OXUS Purchase! We hope you enjoy wearing your beautiful piece as much as we enjoyed making it for you.